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The owner of Neo Classic International, Futoshi Nagayama, drawing on his experience as a hair stylist in Los Angeles, California, founded the Neo Classic International Hair Salon in 1993 in the city of Narimasu, just west of the major Tokyo hub of Ikebukuro. His aim was to create a salon where clients could relax in a quiet atmosphere, one where he could respond in English to the hair care needs of people from around the world.

In a quiet housing district not far from the Narimasu train station, you can find a salon that offers the skill of an experienced stylist in a well-appointed setting, something that you cannot find in a big salon with a large staff.

Since clients receive the individual attention of the owner, advanced appointments are encouraged. Clients who make appointments at least a day in advance will receive a 10% discount.

“I’m looking forward to meeting you.”
Futoshi Nagayama

At the Neo Classic International Hair Salon, the products used for perms and in coloring hair are made in Japan with Japanese clients in mind. Consequently, the results of these treatments can not be guaranteed for our international customers. As a rule, therefore, these services are not offered to our international clients.

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